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We are currently putting the finishing touches to our original competitive proposal, in order to publish it in Q1 2020 at PC-Steam, we are almost there! We hope to speak to you soon with important advances!

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Anaku Superheroes Prologue
Anaku Games Team | 09 April
Save the neighborhood, save the earthThere is less left for the publication of Anaku Superheroes - Prologue on Android !!Anaku Superheroes, Prologue, tells a
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Anaku Community on Facebook
Anaku Games Team | 28 November
Hi all!!We release community group on Facebook!! Sign up as a member of the Anaku Games Community!!You can join at the following link: Anaku Games Community -
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Anaku Games Team | 03 October
Welcome to Anaku Games.We have been working on new games for several months, hoping you are gonna love them. Because of that, we invite you to participate in
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