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Save the neighborhood, save the earth

There is less left for the publication of Anaku Superheroes - Prologue on Android !!

Anaku Superheroes, Prologue, tells a grotesque story, where an ancient technology awakens and begins to attack the earth. What these attackers are not expecting is the tremendous resistance they will face:

A freelancer who has just started his business and a computer consultancy from Barrio del Pilar. Both will awaken the power of his spirit and fight these strange enemies in scenarios full of traps.

Superheroes - Prologue, introduces some characters for the first time, who will be part of the main plot / LORE that we are developing at Anaku Games. You wanted to miss it !!

There will be Making Of !!

Anaku Games has learned a lot from the developer community on the internet. For this reason, and also to contribute to this section, we will soon launch a "Making Of ..." section on the web for certain games.

Among them, Anaku Superheroes, since it is a game that aims to highlight the work of developing components and assets for games.

From a technical point of view, Anaku Superheroes has been made with the Unity 2019 engine, our base architecture implemented in the engine (EYA, we will talk about it soon), and the integration of more than 15/20 third-party products (models, AI, navigation, physics), which were part of our first projects and for which we decided to make a game only (or almost, go) integrating third-party tools.

We think it has been a very good experience to be able to share it mainly with solodevelopers, since the model that has been followed ... well, ask Luis: p let's say it fits a lot hahaha (the direction, stroking a cat ... ).

The approach will be based on the balance of own development vs. acquisition of third parties, an ancestral concept within Software Engineering, which we want to land with the new section for Anaku Superheroes, weighing the costs of making a correct integration of third-party products vs. own or in-house developments.

Greetings and see you soon !!