Xperience, creativity and proffesionalism

The Anaku Games team is made up of professionals with extensive experience, who are able to carry out any type of project and who have finally agreed to give way to all their creativity, designing and developing the best interactive content.

It is a professional team .... very professional (as the Pazos would say), which begins to collaborate to be able to start publishing first on PC (Steam), and will be responsible for consolidating the first releases of the study during 2020.


Anaku Games - Luis Mínguez Rubiera

Founder-multifunction 24x7 v.39.5

Management, creation, design, development, music... dance? If that contributes to "The Cause"... ofc dance! (and don't ask what you are thinking!)

As a child, he dreamed of programming video games... fate had other plans of course, but he didn't let it go. Like a good wildebeest, he endured migration after migration... and here is.. The Anaku Games Maker !! Yeahh!

Luis Mínguez Rubiera
Anaku Games - Ignacio Mínguez Rubiera

The one who keeps the account

The one who keeps the account

A tireless worker, he has a rare taste for debts and assets. He usually laughs wickedly when asked about the wage, while petting a cat which no one knows where it cames from, then he starts his Ferrari ...

You wish, you tight-fisted! Welcome Nacho! Put order!

Ignacio Mínguez Rubiera
Account Manager
Anaku Games - Héctor Benicio

TECH MAn from brasil

One of a few Software Engineer, will be in charge of putting order in all the information systems of Anaku Games!

More than 10 years of experience developing applications and performing System Architecture, to ensure the best technical quality for the study!

Welcome Héctor!

Héctor Benicio
Senior software engineer & Technology consultant
Anaku Games - Jose Javier Mínguez Sancho (dream team)

2D ilustrator

Degree in Journalism and Illustrator, he looks through video games for what he has always wanted: to tell stories.

Spearhead of the Illustration team, will be responsible for dressing the 2D games of Anaku Games, apart from providing their tremendous ingenuity and creativity to the team!

Welcome JJ !!

J.J. Mancho
2D Ilustrator

Anaku Games - Balboa

One DOG OrchestrA

Binge eater, will be responsible for claiming deliveries at Anaku Games.

It is very good demanding delivery dates, mainly those dates related with his mealtime!

One Dog Orchestra